Adelric McCain

My sincerest thanks for sharing your brilliance with us, your fierceness with our community. I am honored to be in community with an amazing queen who is leading with an amazing imperative. 

Angie Guerrero

I needed inspiration and courage and love this morning. The keynote you delivered provided it for me. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

Quentin Keith

Yooo! you were just the bomb.com

You are the educator we all aspire to be!

Thank you!

Your ancestors will continue to stand behind you! Peace Queen!

Erica Heinzman

No one has stopped talking about your amazing keynote! You set the perfect tone for the day!

Baayan Bakari

You have amazing energy and are gift to everyone in the struggle. Please stay in touch with any needs, support or thought partnership you may have in this work.